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Splash Dive Center


Splash Dive Center is more than just a regular Belize dive shop, and scuba diving and snorkelling operator. In addition to providing our guests with the very highest standards of service, we aim to make our dive trips educational, informative and fun. That is why all our Divemasters and Instructors are registered guides with the Belize Tourism Board.

Splash Dive Center was founded by Patty Ramirez in 2000 and is also a very important community stakeholder in the village of Placencia and actively involved in both community and environmental projects for protection and sustainable growth.

Image by David Clode

Placencia Inner Reef Dive Trips 

Laughing Bird Caye is the most popular inner reef dive destination on the Belize barrier reef and has some of the most spectacular, and diverse sites in Southern Belize and the Western Caribbean. Lauging Bird Caye is a National Marine Park, World Heritage Site and has an abundance and variety of coral habitats and marine life for scuba divers to explore either on fun dive day trips or as part of a resort scuba diving package.

Critters include spotted drums, huge lobsters, cleaner shrimp, arrow crabs, groupers, snapper, barracuda, occasional southern rays and more varieties of reef fish than you can count.

There are many scuba dive and snorkelling sites in this marine park including Coral Garden, Laughing Bird Drop Off, Laughing Bird North, Laughing Bird South and a small wreck. Another interesting inner reef dive site is Long Coco Split near Mosquito Caye which offers similar attractions at a greater depth.

These are fun dives suitable for beginner to advanced divers with depths ranging from 30 to 80 feet/9-24mt.

One of the Splash Dive Center boats leaves Placencia almost every day at 9:00 am for the 30 to 40 minute ride to paradise.


Laughing Bird Caye is 11 nautical miles east of Placencia.

Enjoy a Belize style picnic lunch or a barbecue and relax on the beach after the first dive. You’ll arrive back in Placencia at 3:00 pm after the second dive.

Placencia Outer Reef Dive Trips

The Belize barrier reef is the longest barrier reef in the western hemisphere (185 miles long) and offers many dive sites to explore. Gladden Spit, Silk or Queen Cayes and South Water Caye are marine reserves to protect the outer reef and cayes and are abundant with aquatic life, pristine corals and are a scuba diver and snorkelers delight and represent some of the best snorkelling and scuba diving in the Caribbean.

One of the Splash dive boats leaves almost everyday at 9:00 am for the 40 to 90 minute ride to adventure on the outer reef. Most trips are two tank dives with three tank dives at some of the further dive sites and these sites are great choices to include in a dive package with Splash. Lunch is Belizean style on the boat or either a Belizean picnic or barbecue on the beach depending on the destination for that days fun divers.

Image by Andrew Coop
Image by Kris Mikael Krister

Night Snorkeling In Belize

At Splash Dive Center we offer Night snorkeling as it is a great way to experience a very different marine world than the one we see during the day on the Belize Barrier reef.


At night, many of the critters that were hiding during the day come out to play, mate, explore and feed, especially on the sites near Placencia, which is rich in aquatic life.


Typical sightings include lobster, octopus, squid, nudibranches, swimming eels, Spanish dancers, toad fishes, frog fishes, sea slugs, blue tang, tarpon, barracuda, sharks, rays and lots of colourful reef fish, some of them sound asleep. Coral polyps open and under light you can see their true brilliant colors. Armed with a dive light, snorkelers can see Caribbean night life at its best!

 Whale Shark Snorkel Tours in Belize

The Gladden Spit and Silk Cayes Marine Reserve is a spawning aggregation site for many different tropical fish species including the cubera, mutton and dog snappers which produce tons of spawn.


This spawning occurs around the full moon to last quarter during the months of March to June. This is what attracts the Whale Shark to the Gladden spit near Placencia in Southern Belize.

Whale Shark
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